WhatsApp Plus 14.00.0 – Download for Android APK for free

Download Free WhatsApp Plus 14.00.0 – Download for Android APK for free

If there is one app that can not be missing on any smartphone in the world, whether Android or iPhone, it definitely has to be WhatsApp. The instant messaging and chat application has recently gained millions of users who forgot to send SMS messages and moved to this service based on traffic sent over data networks.

Well, with more than 1 billion active users worldwide and bought by Facebook, it has consolidated as one of the most downloaded apps in the world. Therefore, one should not be surprised that dozens of third-party applications have been developed to try to take advantage of this service.

Among the most popular applications of this kind, we must mention WhatsApp Plus, a mod that we can download for free to customize the application with options that go beyond those offered natively by WhatsApp.

And now that you know what WhatsApp Plus is … For what reason?

Well, as we said above, he can get used to it customize messaging and chat application. It is aimed primarily at all users who are not completely satisfied with the latter, and use it simply because everyone else does, even if there are other alternatives such as Telegram that may be better.

Almost everyone believes that this messenger has enough a few aspects that could be significantly improved and this is exactly what this APK intends to do. Well, here is a list of available features once you download WhatsApp Plus:

  • Change the interface colors or the font size to your liking.
  • Send large audio and video files.
  • Download or upload photos in their original quality.
  • Quick sharing features.
  • Partial copy and paste: select the part of the text you want to copy and paste and send to your contacts.
  • Hide your profile picture.
  • Check connection times and statuses from the chat screen.
  • Install different themes.

However, what is the problem with this type of application? Well, WhatsApp is very distrustful prohibits from its service anyone found using one of these applications. This is why this application has undergone few regenerations such as the one developed by JiMODs, with alleged antifouling properties. We can also use the version created by HOLO, another developer trying to take advantage of this name.

In any case, due to the wide range of offers and without knowing who is behind most of the developments, it is difficult to know what is the most up-to-date version of WhatsApp Plus. Some say it’s 3.17, others say it’s 5.60… Anyway, here is one of those versions that you can download to your smartphone to try it out (by the way, there is also an iPhone version).

what’s new WhatsApp Plus 2021

The main changes introduced in this new version of MOD are the following

  • Updates to a new basic version of WhatsApp:

Download Last Version: WhatsApp Plus 14.00.0 – Download for Android APK for free

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