WhatsApp Messenger – Download for Android APK for free

Download Free WhatsApp Messenger – Download for Android APK for free

Almost no invention ends up making a big difference in our daily lives. But one of them is definitely WhatsApp. Thanks to emailed instant messaging app, we are connected with our friends and family 24 hours a day from our smartphone and we have already forgotten the outdated SMS and MMS.

However, the functions of this multimedia application (there are PC and web versions, and we can even sync it with our tablet or iPad) go beyond messaging, despite its original purpose. By downloading and installing the APK on your Android phone, we can access one the whole communications ecosystem covering both messaging and calling, as well as sharing audio, video and image files.

A template for Telegram and Google Allo.

And the most important thing is that it is very easy to use, as you only need a phone number to identify yourself and very secure, as one of the latest updates to this service, now owned by Facebook, led to the application of end-to-end encryption for all our communications. And don’t forget … it’s completely free.

What can I do WhatsApp Messenger for android?

  • Define a profile picture and a status that all your contacts will see.
  • Send text and voice messages at no extra cost, even to users in other countries.
  • Exchange files (either photos, audio or video) with other users of the application.
  • Possibility to make free calls very easily.
  • A wide range of emoji constantly updated. You can find multiracial emoji or even long-awaited emoticons, such as raising your middle finger or greeting Vulcan from Star Trek.
  • Creation and management groups with up to 256 participants, who can take part in group discussions.
  • Ability to refer specific users to a group discussion using @ in front of their name.
  • Select to forward previous messages in the same conversation by simply selecting that message.
  • Ability to know the WhatsApp status of your contacts (provided they have not decided to hide it).
  • System check for messages: Gray check means that the message has been sent, double gray check that the message has been delivered and double blue check that the message has been read.
  • Works on both data plans and WiFi.
  • A multi-format application that can be used on different types of smartphones, as well as on your computer or through the official web application that can be used in Chrome, Firefox and Edge, the new Windows 10 browser.
  • Messages encrypted from end to end to guarantee the confidentiality of our communications.
  • Easy-to-use text formatting options: bold, italics, and underscores.
  • Send animated GIFs to liven up our conversations.
  • Allows us to take high quality photos through the app using the selfie camera flash.
  • Mute groups or report members using the @ followed by their name.
  • Log in to the web version by pointing your camera at the QR code displayed on your computer screen.

Many other applications have tried to overturn WhatsAppIt is the lead in this field, but none of them managed to get there: WeChat, Viber, LINE, Telegram etc. Now Google itself is trying to do it with Allo. Let’s see how they proceed.

New in the latest version

  • New storage management tool that facilitates the release of space.

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