WhatsApp Desktop 2.2100.5 for Mac

Download Free WhatsApp Desktop 2.2100.5 for Mac

While there is a way to enjoy your favorite chat app directly from your Mac, the biggest downside of WhatsApp Web is that you can only use it from a web browser. Fortunately, there is a new official version that, although based on the WhatsApp web application, allows you to use it directly as if it were just another application, without having to open a browser.

Just like in the web version, you need to sync your mobile client with the program using a QR code (you need to scan it and follow the instructions on the main WhatsApp Desktop interface). Once this is done, all your WhatsApp conversations and contacts will be synced so that you can talk to them from your Mac as you would on your smartphone.

With this tool, you can send multimedia content, create and manage groups, save conversations, make changes to your profile, and even take photos with your PC’s built-in camera. However, to run this app, you need to make sure your smartphone is synced with the app, so your device must be turned on and share the same web connection to enjoy.


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