WeNote 3.27 for Android – Download

Download Free WeNote 3.27 for Android – Download

WeNote is an application that helps you capture any idea in a matter of seconds. You can easily and quickly create simple notes, checklists, reminders and appointments using a sleek and accessible interface.

At the top of the screen, you will find the different tabs you can use. By default, there are four tabs available: all, calendar, home and work. But the best thing is that WeNote does not limit the number of your tabs, because you can actually create as many as you want. You can color them even if it helps you even more.

To add a note to a specific tab, you just need to click on your screen and start typing. You can also add a photo or reminder and easily change the category of your note if you have placed it in the wrong section.

WeNote is a great application that is completely free and does not include ads (a huge advantage). But in case this is not enough, you can choose between different font types, colors, visual themes and a large one, etc.


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