WeChat 7.0.22 – Download for Android APK for free

Download Free WeChat 7.0.22 – Download for Android APK for free

No one can deny that WhatsApp is the global king of instant messaging and chat applications. With over one billion users, no one is coming close yet, no matter how many applications have tried to become the best alternative to this messenger, as is the case with Telegram, LINE, Facebook or Skype. However, there are countries where messaging is not the dominant application, as in the case of China. There it is WeChat is the clear winner, complete chat application that improves the performance of its competitors

It could very well be the best chat app if used by more people.

Main characteristics

And among all these functions it includes to resist its opponents, we can point out all sorts functions and capabilities that bring it closer to a social network, and not just a simple communication tool. These are the most notable aspects of the service:

  • Multimedia messaging: support for text, video, image and voice messaging.
  • Group chats and calls: supports video calls with up to 9 participants and group chats with up to 500 members.
  • Free voice and video calls using VoIP to communicate with people from all over the world.
  • WeChat Out Dialing system for landlines and mobile numbers from around the world, although limited in some countries
  • WeChat Mobile payment system with support for QR or native in-app and web systems (limited to specific countries).
  • Complete collection of emoji and stickers for use in your messages.
  • Moment functions to share personal image sequences.
  • Make friends through it Friend Radar, Nearby People and Shake your phone functions.
  • Ability to share your location in real time.
  • Custom alerts.
  • Desktop PC and Mac compatible with your mobile account to continue chatting since the last time you left them.
  • Bottle Drift function: send messages inside a bottle that can be received by any user around the world.
  • Associate your Facebook account with WeChat.

As we can see, it incorporates a wide range of functions into a single application, which are also present in many other popular messaging applications, so we can consider it all-in-one. In addition, its functions to meet other close users increase its social aspect.

Greater privacy for communications

One of the biggest concerns for users of messaging applications should be privacy. In many services, once you press the send button, you lose all control of the message as it is stored on external servers.

However, this application tries to solve this problem by save our log offline to our handset, so that we can access them only from our smartphone.

Therefore, you will be more secure using this application than others, although it is not completely secure. Even if end-to-end encryption increases your level of privacy, there is nothing you can do if your phone is infected with some kind of spyware or keylogger from CIA tools according to WikiLeaks. So if you do not want anyone else to have access to your conversations, just do not write it down.

It can be downloaded and used for free, although it also offers in-app purchases to purchase certain items. Additionally, you can use different Windows, web, and macOS clients to chat from your desktop.

What’s new in the latest version

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