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Wattpad Beta is a beta version offered by Wattpad, where users of the platform can try out any new changes before officially launching on Wattpad. The app works just like the regular app, except that this beta has new features, modifications, or modifications being tested by the Wattpad team. You can deal with the changes that are going to be made officially and your feedback will help you to correct any errors.

Like the classic version of Wattpad, in this app, you can read and download millions of books for free, so you can enjoy a good book even when you are not connected to the Internet. The Wattpad has many customizable features, such as font size, screen brightness, or background color, so you can read comfortably. In addition, it has an impressive search engine that allows you to search for a new story by name, author, topic or genre, among other filters.

Wattpad Beta also lets you sync books you read with your other devices so you can always know which page you finished on without the need for manual control. In this beta, users will find all the features they are used to in the classic version, including the library, the following profiles and other projects.

Finally, while the Wattpad Beta may still be a bit volatile, you can still discover new and improved changes before anyone else and help the development team create the best version with your feedback.


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