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War of Kings is a military strategy and resource management game inspired by the classic Age of Empires game. In this game, you travel back in time to a time before civilization was built. Protect yourself from the enemy while building your own village, doing everything you can to help it expand into a real empire.

When you start playing War of Kings, you are up against an online player or an AI-controlled player. You appear in the middle of nowhere, and it is your job to develop your territory and try to conquer neighboring areas before conquering your own. To do this, you will need to build farms to plant crops and feed your people, mines to extract metal from the land, and barracks to recruit soldiers to conquer land and expand your kingdom.

The graphics in War of Kings are incredibly reminiscent of those in the original Age of Empires, which is an asset to those with fond memories of the game.

War of Kings is an absorbent strategy and management game based on one of the most popular saga of the genre.


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