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Download Free War Commander: Rogue Assault 5.10.2 APK Download from KIXEYE

An immersive battle strategy game in a world of armies, tanks and warships, War Commander: Rogue Assault offers an amazing, fully 3D battlefield experience. Command your army in real time and conquer your enemies with the right attack strategy in this RTS tank war game.

Start strategic strikes against your enemy to control War Zones to lead your warships and tanks to victory on the battlefield. This RTS game with an open world for many PVP players challenges you to form an alliance of iron power. Launch missiles, command the tank war and push the siege of enemy territory to win the world war in real time. As a rogue warlord, it is up to you to divide and conquer your enemies and create a war legend with the help of your air force.

As one of the few surviving commanders after World War III, defend your base, adjust your units, and attack enemies to survive. Become the ultimate warrior in this military strategy online game by fighting to gain control of the world with the help of nuclear bombs.

Rogue Assault is the most realistic RTS military game with armored vehicles, missile strikes and air battles. With direct control of your tanks, helicopters and infantry, shoot your way through hordes of the enemy and become the master of battle tactics.

A riveting 3D multiplayer strategy game
• Individual or PVP RTS battle
• Real-time control of individual units (tanks, warships, army, soldiers) on the battlefield
• Direct access to riflemen, heavy artillery and rhino tanks
• Level up to access powerful units and military power

Build an Empire
Build your base and lead your army to victory. Discover new defense systems, research state-of-the-art weapons for your aviation and fight all the enemies that stand in your way.

Fight in Strategic Battles
Combine pedestrians, light vehicles, tanks and aircraft to coordinate catastrophic strikes, including rocket launches. Attacking the enemy has never been as good as in this realistic PVP military game. As the commander of a rogue strike force, you defend or attack epic battles in World War II. Fight for dominance in pvp tank wars and show off your modern warfare style to conquer this real-time strategy game.

Defend your Fortress
Adjust your defenses to survive the thunder of war and control the last resources of the world. Alternatively, play attack and use your army to turn around, attack and take what belongs to you.

• Infantry: Typical warriors are required in each battle. Extremely well rounded and varied, they are great for attack or defense.
• Air Force: Ideal for launching surprise strikes on the war path against an enemy base in real time. The right aircraft can offer a strategic advantage over grounded units that can not shoot from below.
• Tank: The backbone of your warpath. With huge damage performance and defensive capabilities, these units are essential for any invasion

There are no construction times
Don’t have time to assemble an army the old-fashioned way? Do not worry. With no build times, you will be ready to enter the war thunder in real time.

Join an Alliance
Form strategic alliances with allied soldiers and form battle tactics for your deadly blow on the battlefield on the path of war. Or seek advice from a group of allied commanders in live global chat. Those who join an alliance are better prepared to thrive in this war-torn world.

Monthly in-game events
Demonstrate your military prowess at monthly events. Fight strategic world battles to conquer the boards of top war alliances.

Website: warcommander.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/RogueAssault/
Twitter: twitter.com/rogueassault
Developer: www.kixeye.com/

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