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War and Order is a strategy game where you have to recruit and train a number of characters in order to fight to conquer an empire. So you will be immersed in action-packed battles, where you can try a series of attacks.

In War and Order you will have a number of warriors that you can use to unite your army. You will have many elves, humans, orcs and other creatures that provide their various abilities, so that no enemy will surprise you. Your chances of winning are to plan a good strategy every time.

The graphics in War and Order are pretty good and give an overview of every move. The title has a chat system through which you can communicate with anyone playing in the same battle setting. In addition, you must build your various castles and fortresses to offer more and more resistance to enemy attacks.

War and order allow you to go back centuries for exciting real-time battles. Managing a balanced army and creating a good strategy is essential if you do not want to defeat the aggressive maneuvers of the enemies that are getting closer and closer to you on the battlefield.


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