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War and Magic is an SRPG where players build an empire and fight against other kingdoms in epic battles. The main building of your empire is your castle, but you will also need to build farms, mills, warehouses, barracks, archery rooms and more.

As usual in this genre, to improve your empire, you will need to complete missions. After completing each mission, you will receive resources to build and recruit units. You will need a lot of human resources to win.

In War and Magic, the battle system is very similar to the classic “Heroes of Might and Magic”. The more points you have, the stronger your team. meaning: more damage is done to your enemies. In addition, you should keep in mind that you can equip your hero with different weapons, armor and items to improve his skills. Inevitably, your hero’s strengths are reflected in his troops.

War and Magic is an SRPG with nice graphics and a much deeper combat system than other titles in the same genre.


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