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Vysor – Android Control on PC is an application that allows you to control your Android smartphone from your PC. All you have to do is connect Android to your computer using a USB cable and install an extension for Google Chrome. Once you do this, just enable “USB Debugging” (you can do it through the app) and you will be able to start managing your smartphone directly from your computer.

In the settings options (which are accessible from your computer) you will be able to change the image quality and even use the WiFi connection to control your device so that you no longer need a cable. To set up these features, unfortunately, you will have to pay for a premium subscription.

Vysor – Android Control is an application with remote controls. The best feature is how simple and easy it is to run. You will not need to configure anything, just connect your PC to your Android smartphone and that’s it. You will immediately gain control of your Android smartphone from your computer screen.

Vysor lets you view and control your smartphone from your computer

Many available applications are designed to integrate your Android usage with desktop management – such as Airdroid, for example. But Vysor – Android control for PC does the opposite. Focuses solely on viewing and controlling your device’s touch screen from your screen. In addition, the delay is almost zero and every action you take is done in real time.

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