VMware Player 16.2.0 for Windows

Download Free VMware Player 16.2.0 for Windows

VMware Workstation is one of the most well-known applications for operating and controlling virtual operating systems remotely. Now, its developers have decided to offer VMware Player, an easier-to-use application completely free.

Thanks to this complete program, you will be able to access Workstation, GSX, ESX Server, Microsoft or Symantec LiveState Recovery virtual machines.

Among the most relevant features, we can single out the possibility of using huge storage systems, such as pending or USB drives from the virtual machine, exchanging information between the two systems, accessing the local network or Internet from the virtual machine or simulating 32-bit systems.

You can also configure the maximum amount of RAM you want the program to use.

VMware Player is the best choice for users who want to get rid of the Windows operating system, but who would like to try another one like Linux


Download Last Version: VMware Player 16.2.0 for Windows

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