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Download Free Vivo Browser APK Download from vivoglobal

Note – Only Vivo phones support all the features of this application. Some features may not work on other branded phones.

This is the official application of Vivo mobile. Vivo Browser is a free Android browser with fast download, ad blocking and private browsing. Helps you get quick access to popular news, funny videos and popular websites. It also allows you to instantly control cricket scores.

Main characteristics

. Ad block
Λή Quick download
. Latest news
Αρχ Home screen shortcuts
Upcoming videos
Ποίηση Quick notification for cricket score
Κατάσταση Anonymous status / Private operation
Λειτουργία Night operation
Ρήγο Quick tour

★ Block ads-
Vivo browser effectively blocks pop-ups, banners and other annoying items

Λή Quick download-
Download your favorite videos, songs and files at fast speed

★ Latest news-
Get the latest and most popular news updates in your Vivo browser without delay

Αρχ Home screen shortcuts-
Quickly visit the popular website with one click from your home screen

Βίντεο Upcoming videos-
Watch popular and funny videos live from your Vivo browser

Ρήγο Quick notification for cricket score
Get live scores for major cricket matches

Κατάσταση Anonymous status / Private operation-
Use the Internet safely and privately without recording history data

Λειτουργία Night operation-
Use night mode for a better low light navigation experience

Ρήγο Quick tour-
Enjoy fast browsing with the Vivo browser

For help and feedback, contact the help center’s in vivo browser.

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