Vivino 8.19.23 for Android – Download

Download Free Vivino 8.19.23 for Android – Download

For good wine lovers who want to know more about a bottle of wine they are going to drink, Vivino is the perfect app to access all this important information.

This tool allows you to scan the label of the bottle in front of you and get a complete analysis of the wine you are going to drink.

Some of the information you will have access to will be the name of the winery, the name of the wine itself, the grapes used to make it, the category of wine it belongs to and the average price you can buy it for. In addition, you will be able to see the comments left by other users about the wine drinking experience.

In addition to being able to know in detail what you drink, Vivino also provides you with a file that stores all the searches you have done along with their prices, so you can share them with your friends.

Vivino is a great guide for wine lovers who will not take up much memory on your device and will definitely help you in more than one case.


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