Vivaldi Snapshot 3.6.2170.3 for Android

Download Free Vivaldi Snapshot 3.6.2170.3 for Android

Try all the new features of the beta version of Vivaldi Browser with the Vivaldi Snapshot app. The interface of this application is the same as the fixed version, but new features are added as they are released, so you can try the first ones!

Vivaldi Browser Snapshot is an easy-to-use and fast Android web browser. Like the PC version, this browser offers a convenient way to browse the web, bookmark web pages, and a great tab system. In addition, it also has an anonymous browsing mode that allows users to browse the web with a little more privacy.

Because Vivaldi Snapshot is a beta version, you will receive new patches and updates first, rather than waiting for the next software update.

With Vivaldi Snapshot, you can enjoy all the great features of this popular browser and get the latest features and updates before anyone else. This means that you can even evaluate the application and help improve the application.


Download Last Version: Vivaldi Snapshot 3.6.2170.3 for Android

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