Virtual DJ 2021 8.5.6240 – Free PC Download

Download Free Virtual DJ 2021 8.5.6240 – Free PC Download

Getting a great piece of software to create and combine music is not as expensive as some people think. There are programs with which you can show off all your music creativity with many tools and resources and one of the most popular is definitely Virtual DJ, which also incorporates video editing features designed for DJ video.

Over 20 years creating programs for DJs

Thanks to the fact that it is equipped with a very user-friendly interface, Anyone familiar with deejaying music, whether electronic or not, can quickly get hit by all of its basic functions.. Beyond that, adding effects, adjusting or modifying the BPM, making loops or scratches is a child’s play.

Free software, but with professional features and capabilities.

In fact, its design has been studied in depth, splitting the workspace into different areas: the top includes players and related functions from where we can control aspects such as waveform, step or CUE from the bottom you can access the different folders on your hard drive for view the cover and get quick access to playlists.

Main characteristics

  • Ability to mix audio and video.
  • Scratches.
  • Find up to 3 CUE points per piece.
  • Supports up to 99 decks.
  • Recording of music sessions.
  • Create playlists.
  • Sandbox or safe area for mixing.
  • Create loops of variable length.
  • Play and step control.
  • Built-in mixer with equalizer and gain control.
  • Main tempo, auto-mix and BPM functions.
  • Sample activation with 14 sound effects, 12 video effects and almost 20 different transitions.

A complete report of functions that turn your computer into a complete mixing board.

Song mixing is always under control

This program allows us to always have all our song combinations under control. Mainly thanks to the sandbox function from which the DJ can combine the tracks while another song is played for the audience. In this independent workplace, any DJ can find the perfect entrances and exits, so that he can prepare his next mix with the confidence to know that it will be exactly as he wants.

Complete authors

One of its biggest appeals is the wide range of authors available:

  • Automatic mixing: allows you to prepare a mixing sequence that you will remember later, so that when you mix two pieces and unless otherwise stated they will automatically enter and exit automatically from the same points.
  • Track cleaner: allows you to edit songs, remove lyrics, introductions or any other item you deem insignificant to your mix.
  • Video editor: lets you edit text or sound effects in a video. It is obviously designed for djing videos.
  • Sample processing program: allows you to modify the majority of samples, whether they are audio, video or images, or to combine them.
  • POI processor: these points of interest are CUE points, AutoMix points, loop points and more adapted to each song.
  • BPM editor: lets you adjust the rhythm of each song, and even sets different rhythms in the same track.
  • Label Editor: thanks to which you can group different songs according to different criteria and retrieve them whenever needed.

How much Virtual DJ cost?

There are different versions of this software at different prices depending on how you should use it:

  • VirtualDJ Home: it’s free. It is designed for home users who do not use it on any professional device.
  • VirtualDJ LE: for advanced home users who connect the program to professional devices, such as MIDI controllers. It is sold with the controller, so its price depends on the model of the latter.
  • VirtualDJ Plus: For professionals. Its price ranges between 49 and 249 dollars.
  • VirtualDJ PRO: can be purchased through a $ 19 monthly subscription or an annual payment of $ 299. podcast storage.

What’s new in this latest version

  • Now compatible with Pioneer CDJ-3000 and Pioneer DJM-V10.

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