VinylStudio 11.7.1 for Mac – Download

Download Free VinylStudio 11.7.1 for Mac – Download

If you have a lot of music on vinyl and want to convert it to MP3, eliminating extra audio and improving the sound quality as you do so, then VinylStudio is for you. The sole purpose of this program is to convert audio from your vinyls (or cassettes) to MP3 files.

LPs are recorded as one large file and these recordings are split into one file per track. You do not need to work with individual files. VinylStudio handles the entire process, including recording vinyl, splitting it, and converting files to MP3 and even CD.

Do not worry about finding the beginning and the end of each song. Everything is done automatically. All you have to do is select the format of the songs you want: MP3 or WAV.


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