VinylStudio 11.7.1 – Download for Mac Free

Download Free VinylStudio 11.7.1 – Download for Mac Free

If you have a lot of vinyl records on your shelves and want to be able to listen to them all through iTunes on your Mac, VinylStudio is the solution you were looking for. You can convert all vinyl records to MP3 thanks to this application in a very simple and easy way. Additionally, you can improve the sound quality of the recordings, as they may involve noise or interference.

LPs will be recorded as complete sides and these recordings will be automatically divided into intro pieces in the software. The application will allow you to convert your music stored on vinyl records to portable music, for playback locally on your Mac or from CD or USB.

No need select when a song starts or endsIn other words, you can not make mistakes as VinylStudio does all the dirty work for you. The advanced system for converting discs or cassettes to digital audio will be reduced to a simple combination of buttons. You should only read this review.

VinylStudio vs. Audacity

Although many users think they are similar programs, Audacity is a generic recording program so you can create your own remixes, write interviews, seminars or anything else that requires sound. Secondly, VinylStudio is a tool for converting vinyl records or cassettes to digital audio.

If you want convert your analog music to digital format, VinylStudio is definitely one of the most convenient and simple methods.

Main characteristics

  • Digitally record vinyl records or cassettes.
  • Divide the sound into pieces.
  • Opening for each song.
  • Convert to MP3 or WAV.
  • CD burning.

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