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Download Free Viber – Free download for PC

Did you know that there are other messaging and chat apps besides WhatsApp? Yes, they exist and they did not even talk about LINE. There are dozens of them and some of them have a very stable user base, as is the case with this Viber Messenger.

It is one chat and messaging application that you can also use to make voice and video calls making the most of VoIP features. It also comes with versions for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and PC, which make it easy to use on different occasions, because we can not always watch our smartphone.

Send chat messages and make video calls from your computer

So, if you are familiar with Skype, you should know that this program comes with similar features. However, there is a huge difference: while Microsoft does not require a smartphone version, because you only need one email address to add a contact, in this case, you will need phone numbers, so you will also need to download the application to your phone.

Calls, voice and video messages, video calls … whatever communication you need.

These are the main features that this program offers to get in touch with your contacts:

  • Group discussion: chat with up to 250 participants.
  • Calls: Make calls with excellent sound quality, even if these are international long distance calls.
  • Make video calls with HD video and audio quality.
  • Send instant video messages of up to 30 seconds.
  • Encrypt all your messages and conversations.
  • Send emoticons and stickers to improve your expressiveness in your messages.
  • Delete the messages you regret sent.
  • Hide conversations that you do not want to appear in the conversation list and access them via a PIN.
  • Chat with brand names, companies and celebrities through public accounts. Follow them to find out all their latest news.
  • Gentle interface, more similar to Telegram and WhatsApp than LINE.

As usual in these desktop versions that have developed different instant messaging services mainly for Windows and web, but also for Mac and Linux, it only works when your smartphone has an Internet connection (yes, you need to be connected). And all the conversations we have or the actions we take, we will synchronize on all our devices. However, if you are downloading files, remember that the latter will only be saved on the device where you are downloading.

And about which is better, if Viber, Line, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype or WeChat … Well, the truth is that this program incorporates privacy-related features that only WhatsApp dreams of. In any case, your choice basically depends on the number of contacts you have using each service.

What’s new in the latest version

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