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UU Game Booster is an application developed by the mobile gaming giant NetEase Games, which offers a fluid and easy way to play your favorite online games. With this app, you do not have to worry about the usual latency problems that come with unstable connections.

Using the UU Game Booster is surprisingly simple: just select a game to play from the list of available games and wait for it to open. And that’s all. The list includes all the games supported by the app, so you may even discover some new, interesting titles.

Another interesting feature of UU Game Booster is that it is optimized for battle royales such as PUPG, Rules of Survival or Survival Royale. All this means that while it works perfectly with almost any game available for Android, it is particularly effective for battle royales, which are traditionally more demanding on your device and your internet connection.

UU Game Booster is a great application for Android players that will give them an edge as they compete with other players on the internet. Take a look and never deal with an icy game, slowdowns – or worst of all, get killed – due to an unstable connection again.


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