Unicorn Run 3.7 for Android

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Unicorn Run is a fun platform where you can ride a unicorn in an endless piece across the city.

The game in Unicorn Run is typical of an endless runner. Once the game starts, the unicorn will start moving tirelessly. In front of it, you will find tons of items that you need to collect such as coins or obstacles to avoid. If you encounter obstacles, you will automatically lose and you will have to start all over again.

Therefore, the controls you need to use are simple vertical up and down movements (to make the unicorn jump) and horizontal movements (to make your unicorn move left and right when necessary) Of course, you have to Avoid everything except coins to get the highest score you can.

Unicorn Run offers you a fun initiative where you can take a unicorn on an endless journey through a forest while collecting as many coins as you can.


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