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We are used to RPGs, in which the only way to survive is to fight our enemies to kill them before they kill us. But here comes an indie game called Undertale to offer us the complete opposite: negotiation is the only way to become friends with them and continue to progress in our world in which we are trapped.

The peaceful RPG in which you do not kill anyone

It is a game that has been released for several platforms other than PC, such as the Nintendo Switch. It is designed to give him retro view of old 8-bit platforms like the NES and the plot revolves around the fact that we have fallen into a world of darkness, shadows and monsters … and obviously we want to escape.

The point is, we will not have to kill anyone our best weapon will be our bargaining skills to make friends with our enemies. These are its main features:

  • A story full of humor.
  • Explore dungeons and a maze-like world from the 8-bit era. Long live the pixel!
  • Negotiate with your enemies and do not kill anyone.

A game that will surely delight the most nostalgic players and will force you to enhance your intelligence.

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