UFS Explorer Professional Recovery 9.1 for Windows

Download Free UFS Explorer Professional Recovery 9.1 for Windows

Loss of information on drives is a problem that affects all users, either by physical error, by the activity of any malware, or simply by human error. Fortunately, there are file recovery tools like UFS Explorer. Its standard version offers you a powerful defect detector that will help you retrieve the files you need.

The program can detect drives in all types of formats, whether standard NTFS, FAT or drives that are specific to other operating systems such as Linux EXT. Regardless of the format, UFS Explorer can run 32 and 64 bit operating systems. The program displays all connected drives, even those hidden from the system, such as recovery partitions. The best part is that it can also recover lost files through virtual drives that dig into the internal structure of the file to recover information and support formats such as VMware, Microsoft Virtual PC, Parallels, etc.

UFS Explorer Standard Recovery is an excellent and flexible file recovery application that has a user-friendly interface and is perfectly capable of working with deleted or defective files.


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