uBar for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

Download Free uBar for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

uBar for Mac is the replacement of the Dock. If you have never really liked Dock, or do not have a soft-spot for the Windows taskbar, the app is here to save the day. medicine can be configured as a connection base or taskbar for OS X.

Find the window you are looking for at a glance. If an application has more than one window, you will know immediately. Click this app to open the window menu, which lets you bring any window or even just the app itself for focus. You can disable window grouping and all your individual windows will appear directly in the tool. You can even enable window previews so that when you hover over an application, you can preview all of its windows.

You can drag its edge uBar for macOS for expansion up to 5 rows. The applications have legible signals and you can see if they are hidden by seeing if their name is gray. The app has a Favorites area for the apps you use most often and built-in Favorites for Desktops and Trash cans. Check / right-click on an app to display an alternative menu from which you can close it quickly. When an application does not respond, you can see immediately from the red background. Hold down the Control key and you are in Activity Mode, with CPU and memory usage displayed for each application. Hold down the Shift key and you can close any application or close any window with one click. Requires OS X 10.9+. macOS 10.12 Sierra Ready. Download now!

Features and best moments

All positions
The program can be placed on any side of the screen: bottom, left, right or up.

Window preview
Hover over an app to see a visual preview of the windows inside.

Display a built-in or custom dial over the calendar when you hover over the clock area.

Multi-screen support
If you have multiple screens, the tool appears on the screen of your choice.

Transport and storage
Drag folders and files into applications to get them started.

Expandable series
Drag the tip to extend the application up to five rows.

Grouping windows
Set the grouping of windows to Always, Never or Auto.

UBar menu
List of applications, system preferences, and custom applications and folders.

Favorite area
Add your favorite apps, folders, and files to your favorites area.

Clock area
The clock area displays the day, date and time.

Insert the Calendar
Hover over the clock area to display the Calendar.

System (eg Automatic), Light, Dark, Platinum Neue, Now Playing or Custom.

Set the size to Auto, Small, Medium, Large or Huge.

Pin or unscrew the uBar in any corner of the screen.

Application order
Show applications with startup, alphabetical or manual order. They can also be excluded.

Note: 28-day trial version. Requires a 64-bit processor.

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