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Tumblr is the independent, independent photo blog site that quickly took over the blogosphere in the mid-00s. It finally landed in the mobile space by adding an official Android application. We provide you with the perfect way to track creators and upload your own content to your Tumblr page directly from your phone.

Especially when it comes to sharing cool stuff you found on the web, you can repost content that is found almost anywhere or upload your own original creations, including written posts, photos, videos or music tracks directly to Tumblr. You can also link any of your Tumblr content to your external blog by linking to it.

Another feature is the social aspect of this application. Tumblr for Android will automatically detect which of your contacts are on Tumblr. Easily add them to your followers or follow them yourself. Conversely, if you are not really into their posts, you can simply choose to ignore them as well.

As always, sending private messages to other users is easy, such as checking the number of likes your last post has collected and viewing any comments or recreates.

Tumblr is a great blogging app. However, it comes with some setbacks. But if you are active on Tumblr, you would not want to try it. In all honesty, Tumblr came from a desktop browser-based site and is still in the best view from a larger format. However, if you want to receive real-time notifications about the latest releases on the Tumblr page, this app will do the trick quickly and easily.

How to download content from Tumblr

One of the most relevant social networks of the last decade is Tumblr. This blog site is a repository of content where anything goes: video, micro-blog, images, text, audio … an anti-cultural site that was a haven for posts that probably wouldn’t fit in with the rest of the world. And unfortunately, her season seems to be coming to an end, as it happened with Myspace on the same day. In fact, Tumblr has just announced that it is removing all content that contains pornographic images of any kind. Since most of the popular blog site is based on providing this service, it is very clear that their immediate future is on the line. For this reason, we have put together a few different ways to get content from Tumblr blogs so that it is not lost forever.

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Tumblr now includes stickers and filters in its application

Obviously, the new rule for all applications where images play a big role is that everyone should have stickers, amirite? At least that’s what the latest updates to WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger show. The latest big name to join this band is Tumblr: now you can enjoy stickers and filters from the Android app.

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