Trials of Heroes 2.6.20 for Android

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Trials Of Heroes is a fun action RPG full of references to titles like World of Warcraft and League of Legends, where, in front of a group of heroes, you must shoot down hordes of enemies that threaten the peace of the kingdom.

The story in Trials Of Heroes is quite anecdotal though this is not a problem as all the fun lies mainly in the basic addictive games. The plot of Trials Of Heroes is very simple: play and win small battles to win upgraded material, you can invest in hiring new heroes or improving the features you already have. The stronger these heroes are, the greater the threats you can face and the more rewards you will receive.

One of the most interesting features in Trials Of Heroes is the huge number of unlockable heroes – far more than in games like Fire Emblem Heroes, for example. This great dose of unlockable content makes repeatability really satisfying even for the most demanding players.

Although one can wish for a little more depth in the battles (these are played completely automatically), Trials Of Heroes can still offer hours of fun to fans of this genre.


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