Traffic run! 1.10.9 for Android

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Traffic run! is a fun skill game where you control a car that is in a hurry to reach its destination. Your mission is to cross the finish line without colliding with anything. but the road ahead is full of obstacles, so make sure you reach your destination uniformly.

Traffic run! has very simple gameplay. Young and old will enjoy this fun, action-packed adventure. To move your car, you have to tap the screen. place your finger on the screen to move your car and lift it to stop.

The road to the finish line will not always be straight, but the car will automatically turn according to its respective course, so your only mission is to stay away from obstacles and avoid any oncoming traffic when necessary. From start to finish you will find a crossroads full of moving vehicles, huge jumps, railroad tracks and endless maneuvers.

Your vehicle can reach high speeds, but the mission is mainly to keep control of your car so as not to hit anything. Immerse yourself in this high-speed adventure to reach the finish line, collecting as many coins as possible along the way.


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