Traffic Cop 3D 1.2.3 for Android

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Traffic Cop 3D is a simple game where you jump behind the wheel of a patrol car and start scanning license plates. Your goal in this game is to drive on the road and scan all the signs you see to see if the driver is committing an offense.

Traffic Cop 3D has 3D graphics from the point of view. To move the radar gun, simply slide your finger in any direction on your smartphone screen. This way, you can identify all the plates and decide if the driver is worth a ticket.

If you choose to stop a car, you must first listen to all the excuses of the driver. This is the last step before deciding whether to book a ticket based on whether the person violated the speed limit.

Traffic Cop 3D has an original case where you play as a police officer who has to catch speed demons. With your radar weapon, you can detect drivers who break the law and endanger other citizens.


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