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Touchdown Master is an addictive skill game in which your mission is to win the most amazing touchdowns you have ever seen. Grab the ball, run as far as you can, and avoid any kind of obstacles until you can finally aim carefully and throw the ball.

In Touchdown Master, your only mission is to earn enough touchdowns to win the game, so devote all your effort and concentration to scoring. Each level starts with a race to the finish line. As you run, tap and drag on the screen to move from side to side and avoid falling before you get there.

Reaching the finish line will require both practice and luck, as all sorts of obstacles appear along the way, making your job more and more difficult. You will have to overcome the objects that move from one side to the other, many defensive players from the other team and other almost insurmountable obstacles that will put your reflexes and agility to the test. Overcome each one so as not to lose any lives

As you play TouchDown Master, you can run on different fields before carefully aiming for the final stretch and scoring, and even gaining new cards for your athlete and ball with the coins you collect. Run endless yards, avoid everything in your own way and become a master touchdown.


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