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Touch the wall is a game where you have to immerse yourself in 3D in order to touch a wall at the end of the track. But this is not as simple as you think, as a red light tries to spot you and stop your progress.

The gameplay in Touch the wall is quite simple and you just have to tap the screen to move your character. This makes it very easy if you want to go ahead without being detected by this laser. One thing that should prove to be useful is the lovely panel at the back, as while it is lit you can walk without problems.

Another thing to remember is that on this run you will encounter some balls trying to hit you – be careful so that none of these obstacles can get you out. You also need to avoid trenches to avoid falling into them and losing distance from your opponents.

Touch the wall is a simple game according to the VOODOO catalog that becomes more addictive over time. The simple game and the hassle-free control system make it very easy to have fun at any time.


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