Toss 5.30.2 APK Download from Viva Republica

Download Free Toss 5.30.2 APK Download from Viva Republica

To use Toss Bank and Toss Securities services, you must install the Toss application.

Financial My financial situation at a glance, home and consumption
· You can check all the information of all the accounts in one place and you can check the deposit, subscription, securities and loan account information that you have seen separately in one place.
· How much did you earn and how much did you spend? You can collect income and consumption for a month in chronological order and also provide a consumption analysis report.
· Card performance There is no need to be confused and you can check at a glance which cards meet the performance and how much more is needed to achieve the performance.
· You can easily check the monthly insurance cost, subsistence fee, subscription, etc.

● Simple, safe and free money transfers for life
· Remittances are also free at Toss, the fees are free for life regardless of the bank.
· You can send money securely by checking fraudulent accounts before sending money.
· The transfer became easy and was limited to a single touch. Send money with minimal touch.
· And even in your heart, send simple messages and emoticons together.

● OK without going to the branch, open
· You can open a variety of financial products, such as cards, savings and savings, loans and insurance, regardless of time and place.
· As a bonus, do not miss the special benefits offered only by Toss.

Management Management insurance at a glance, insurance
· Check your insurance and monthly premiums at a glance.
Is there anything you are missing out on in relation to your peers? We recommend insufficient coverage referring to your current insurance coverage.
· By consulting a specialist, I can recommend the insurance that is right for me and I can easily claim the hospital bill and get it back.

. Benefits that everyone can receive
Choose a brand once a week and receive a cash back to help you love your favorite brands even more.
· Complete this week’s missions and earn points.
· Try to measure your steps and use the pedometer for health and benefits at the same time.

. Benefits that increase the more you use, Toss Credit Card
· We will refund you a larger amount depending on your performance.
· You can check your payment and refund history in the Toss app.
· Also enjoy the benefits of VISA Platinum service.

Όλους Investing in everyone, Toss Securities
· The investment starts with interest and check news and content to help you make an investment decision.
· You can start investing in your own shares on understandable terms and a buying experience as easy as remittances.

Completely A completely new bank, Toss Bank
· Fill in, empty, freely and meet a powerful unconditional book.
· A single survey is possible and a loan without a difficult and complicated process awaits you.
Get a Toss Bank check card with different colors and generous benefits.

Που Documents received on paper can be conveniently placed in My Documents.
· You can quickly receive and submit a policy grievance certificate issued by Government24 and the Community Service Center.
· You can receive and pay notification about the health plan, national scholarship application information and fines and negligence.

. Convenient for the boss running the business, my sales book
· When and how much will be deposited? We notify you daily and we automatically write sales and deposit books.
· Toss will take care of the boss support policy.

. Use with confidence
1 in 3 Koreans used, cumulative remittances of KRW 177 trillion, total receipts of 69 million, 0 security incidents (as of August 2021)
Awarded the “Grand Prize Information Protection 2018” (hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT)
Ranked 1st among a total of 25 financial applications for hacking defense level (Stilian analysis in 2017)
PCI-DSS, a global credit card-level data security standard, acquired for the first time in the industry
International standard information security certificates ISO / IEC 27001 and ISO / IEC 27701 obtained
Avoid various risks with a 24-hour control system and an unusual financial transaction detection system

● Who is running Toss?
Toss is operated by Viva Republica, a fintech company.
Viva Republica was ranked 29th among the top 100 fintech companies in the world by KPMG and H2 Ventures in 2019 and has formal partnerships with the largest number of banks and securities companies among domestic fintech companies. In addition, according to Article 28 of the Law on Electronic Financial Transactions, we are registered as electronic financial companies and provide secure services through due diligence by the Financial Supervision Service and approval of the Financial Services Committee for the security and control system.

Ask only for the necessary rights
· Contacts: Optional permission for contact remittances, profile picture registration and friend registration notification required
Camera: Physical card / QR code / account number identification / image upload / profile registration, remittances and optional ID required for face-to-face account opening
· Photo: Optional license required to save image, such as QR code
Location: Optional rights needed to prevent fraudulent transactions and improve services
Και Movement and fitness: count the number of steps on the pedometer
· Telephone: Optional license required for authentication via mobile phone number
Storage: Optional permission required to connect authentication certificate, deposit confirmation / save QR code
· Microphone: Optional license required for customer consultation
* You can use the service even if you do not allow options, but there may be restrictions on the use of certain features.

Smartphone Smartphones with Android operating system version 6.0 or later can be applied with basic access rights without selective access rights. After upgrading your smartphone operating system to Android 6.0 or later, you can set access rights by reinstalling the Toss app.

The Toss Customer Center is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Λέφωνο Phone 1599-4905
· KakaoTalk @toss
· Email [email protected]

Viva Republica
12th floor, Arc Place, 142, Tehran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Developer contact:
Customer Center: 1599-4905
Address: 12th floor, Capital Tower, 142, Tehran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (736-1 Yeoksam-dong)

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