Tor Browser 10.5.8 – Free PC Download

Download Free Tor Browser 10.5.8 – Free PC Download

Tor has the solution to be able to solve yours privacy issues: browse anonymouslyIf you do not like to leave a trail, you want to connect to networks that you do not have access to, or you should avoid proxy or similar protection, Tor Browser is a tool that will encrypt your browsing and make it impossible for anyone to follow in your footsteps.

Everything you need to browse the Internet safely

Although the encryption of data sent and received is not 100% secure, it must be said that user anonymity is guaranteedThis software uses a technology called “onion routing” that uses a large server structure that is specializes in IP concealment and all user information. Tor has a plan that is ready to support large-scale attacks that try to find out the identity of any of its users.

According to her own website, many journalists, NGOs and bloggers use Tor Browser to manage to avoid country censorship in which they operate, because even if the data being sent is visible, it will be impossible to know from where. In addition, it is also possible to set up a web server connected via Tor, thus ensuring that its location is completely secure.

Safe browsing without censorship or restrictions.

This program proves to be a really easy to use software application that automatically connects to the appropriate server and starts working immediately without the user having to configure any parameters, but with the ability to complete any kind of configuration if needed and if you have the necessary knowledge for such actions.

This browser has become extremely popular in recent years because of it growing psychosis for government espionage cases, with the NSA taking first place. In fact, not only can we download Tor for Windows computers, but there is also a version for Mac and Linux. As for mobile devices, both Android and iOS have browsers that are based on the same technology, although they have not been developed in the same project, offering us similar guarantees of anonymity and privacy.

Has been was developed based on the open source version of Mozilla Firefox but, obviously, modifying the part of the code that makes Mozilla’s official browser vulnerable to privacy, such as Chrome or Opera.

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