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Download Free Top Drives – Car Cards Racing APK Download from Hutch Games

Gasoline engines, powertrains, turn to the top drivers, the challenge of driving at high octane- test your skills and knowledge to the limit. Do you think you know cars? Top Drives is a new card collection game with over 1900 real-life cars for collecting, comparing and competing in battle battles with other players.

Build a garage with the best custom cars and create your own perfect racing deck for supercharged action against your friends or other drivers. Whether you prefer a tuned American muscle, a horrible Japanese hot rod or a turbo with European and agility, you will find a car that will power your engine in Top Drives – the FREE car racing card collection game.

Top Drives deals with racing cars on various roads, tracks and challenges. If you like fast and furious driving, you will love Top Drives. Hit the accelerator on asphalt circuits, slide your wheels around rotating circuits, drive the G Force tests or accelerate the checkered flag in a 1-100 mph traction race. Choose a Mustang, Camaro, Porsche Turbo, Audi TT or Nissan GTR, just make sure you have the right car for the right road. You will need a car garage quickly in the wet, good off-road, it can take turns and burn tires for traction races.

Why is Top Drives the ultimate motorsport experience for any car lover?


– Build the perfect car racing deck from over 1900 officially licensed cars
– Brands such as McLaren, Bugatti, Pagani, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, Mustang and many more
– True car stats from Evo make this the ultimate bench racing game
– Unlock your cars in 100 racing challenges with the brand new Card Racing System
– Manage, upgrade and coordinate your stocks – become the best motorsports coach
– Compete against your friends in exciting scenarios, including traction movies, racing circuits, and hill climbing.
– Compete against your opponents to win exclusive cars in live multiplayer events
– Weather and multiple types of surfaces, including dirt, asphalt and snow
– Amazing car photo from one of the top car magazines in the world
– Turbocharged, addictive, fun racing strategy game

Win the road, start collecting the coolest new rides, customize them with upgrades and then sell them to your tuned cars to make the perfect garage! Top Drives features fast single-player campaigns and multiplayer modes with checkered flag speed battles. Top Drives is a combination of motorcycle racing card collection strategy!

Gain an advantage by combining your cars and pushing your hot wheels to the limit. Become a driving champion with the best combination of performance, handling and grip. Start your engine. Get on the road with top drivers and get exciting updates, get on the track with the coolest, fastest cars like Porsche, McLaren and Mustang, and enjoy new game features and new world-class car culture events.

So bend over, stop dreaming and start driving.

Download the top drivers today and let them eat your dust.

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Top Drives is FREE to play, but offers some in-game optional items that can be purchased for real money. Top Drives is an online game that requires a constant internet connection to play.

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