Todait 0.30.44 for Android – Download

Download Free Todait 0.30.44 for Android – Download

Todait is an application aimed primarily at students that allows you to plan your study time quickly and easily. You can quickly add any task and any type of additional information: time to do it, topics to study, pages to read, etc.

In addition to adding tasks to your calendar, you can also add a specific program. That way, when it’s time to work on a task, the app will sound an alarm. This feature means that you have no excuse for not completing any tasks.

In Todait you can also find a tool that allows you to track your activity. This way, you can see if your performance has been above or below average in recent days, if you are completing all your work, if you need to study more, etc.

Todait is a great app for students, but it can also be convenient for the self-employed and other employees. With this application, you can easily manage the time you spend on work and study, making you more efficient. In addition, it has an attractive and user-friendly interface.

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