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Titan Slayer is a series-based RPG with a twist: instead of directly controlling your characters, you will draw and play cards from a deck. This adds a deck-making element to the game and means you have to plan each move carefully. The slightest mistake can mean that the game is over.

Although Titan Slayer is aesthetically similar to Darkest Dungeon, its combat system is closer to games like Slay the Spire and similar titles. In each battle, you can see the onslaught of your enemy, which allows you to plan a counterattack. For example, if you notice that an enemy will inflict twenty points of damage, you can block it and you will probably need to use at least two defense cards to do so. As you play, keep in mind that any unused defense points are not saved for the next turn.

Each level of the Titan Slayer consists of a series of battles, each more difficult than the last. Not only that, but your characters do not regain points of life between battles, which makes defeating enemies even more difficult. Worse, you may have to deal with the boss level with characters on the doorstep. If you choose to heal your team between battles, you will have to sacrifice an asset. Finally, like any good rockelike deckbuilding, making the right decisions is vital to Titan Slayer.

Titan Slayer starts with five available heroes, each with three different action cards. That said, you can gradually unlock and collect over forty heroes as you earn levels and pick up treasure chests. Like most deckbuilding games, you will need to get character cards to unlock new characters and level them up. While leveling a character does not change his cards, he will improve his features.

Titan Slayer campaign has more than thirty levels, each full of monsters to fight in many battles. In addition, each has three levels of difficulty and you will receive additional rewards to beat them. In addition to the single player history mode, Titan Slayer also has a PvP mode, where you can see how you count against players from around the world. To access this feature, you must first prove your worth by level five.

Overall, Titan Slayer is a great series-based RPG that – unlike most Android games – offers a gaming experience that is just as challenging and fun. Even if you master the rules and carefully plan each move, you may end up defeated in some of the most difficult battles. Of course, the tough game is the best feature of roguelike deckbuilding games and exactly what Titan Slayer brings to the table.


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