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Timing Hero is an arcade with a touch of a role. As you play, you will encounter many enemies in battles where you will need good reflexes to survive.

The battle system in Timing Hero is simple to learn but difficult to learn. Attacking an enemy is very simple. just press the button on the right side of the screen. Avoiding attacks, on the other hand, is difficult. the enemy will make a move and you will have to enter the direction of his attack to move your character and avoid him.

The more enemies you gain, the more credits you gain. With these credits, you can improve the characteristics of your heroes: attack damage, life points or the ability to make critical hits. As you defeat bosses and complete missions, you can unlock many extra heroes.

Timing Hero is a fun game. It is unusual because it differs from the current Android trend of easy fighting games that can be felt almost automatically. Instead, Timing Hero is both challenging and exciting. The graphics, which are directly inspired by the classic Gameboy, are also fascinating.


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