Tide – Sleep Sounds, Focus Timer, Relax Meditate 3.13.0 APK Download by Moreless, Inc.

Download Free Tide – Sleep Sounds, Focus Timer, Relax Meditate 3.13.0 APK Download by Moreless, Inc.

Incorporating sleep, meditation, relaxation and focus into one application, Tide is an application aimed at physical and mental care. Inspired by travel, nature and meditation, we provide vast audio recordings, including natural sound landscapes and mindfulness practices. To help you relieve stress, stay focused, relax and stay awake at night, Tide lets you escape the fast-paced life and enter into peaceful and calm moments.

#Suitable for#
– Anyone suffering from sleep problems.
– Delayers who find it difficult to stay focused.
– Creative who are often disturbed by a noisy environment.
Stress that is in stress and exhaustion for a long time.
– Meditators who fight for peace both in body and mind.

1. Focus timer: Flow in inspiration
– High efficiency operation.
– Immersion function. Get rid of digital obsession.
– Adjust the timer. Set a timer for different scenes.
– Support for adding applications to the allowed list.

2. Leeping and sleeping: Sleep with the sounds of nature.
– Sleep and sleep function. Sleep during the day and sleep well at night.
– Turn on alarms. Wake up easily and naturally.
– Sleep analysis. Learn everything about your sleep.

3. Relax Breathing Guide: Learn to breathe calmly and steadily
– Balanced breathing. Improve your mood and relieve stress.
-4-7-8 breath. Relax your mind and body. Sleep fast.

1. Naturalists: Be calm and careful with nature
– Well-chosen sounds of nature. Bring you to various natural scenes.
– Music fusion function. Combine your favorite music with natural sounds.
– Sound scenes are included but not limited to rain, ocean, thunder.

2. Relax Meditation: Insert a pause button for your brain
– Integrating practical attention into everyday life. Do a brain exercise anytime anywhere.
– Impressive meditation space. Bring peace and quiet from the content to the interface.
– Basic meditation is included but not limited to breathing, body scan.
– Individual meditation is included but not limited to fast sleep, study pressure.

3. Daily inspirational quotes: Minimalist and calm mind and body journeys
– Well-chosen daily quotes. I greet all those who live life with thought.
– Calendar of offers daily. Support to check out previous snippets and images.
– Greetings that flow in time are waiting for you at Tide.

1. Tide Diary: Remember every calm and peaceful moment
– Visible data reporting. Capture your beautiful moments on Tide.
– The beautifully designed sharing card remembers every peaceful experience.

2. Minimalist design: Seeking less is more
– Minimalist interface design.
– Emotional visual effects.
– Custom typewriter for different fonts.

3. Special for Android
– Support for Tide control on the lock screen.


Tide provides local subscription programs. Check the application for details.

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