Thunderbird 91.2.1 – Free PC Download

Download Free Thunderbird 91.2.1 – Free PC Download

Ability to manage different email accounts, support for different protocols, possibility to use different ones user profiles, everyone with their own email accounts, backups of profiles etc. All this and much more is possible thanks ThunderbirdThe

A great email client from Mozilla

Thunderbird, known as Minotaur when it was first developed, is one free email customer, which allows the user to manage, send and receive emails from a pleasant and very user-friendly interface. Another key feature is that it is a lot lightweight boxer client, and uses almost no system resources.

In addition, Thunderbird includes several functions which make it a very comprehensive email manager. Its main features Thunderbird is:

  • Ability to manage multiple email accounts
  • Advanced folder viewing and adding message tags.
  • Two message retrieval methods: advanced search or fast search.
  • Browse message history.
  • Access to news services through RSSThe
  • Support for POP, IMAP the Web-based accounts.
  • Ability to create different user profiles.
  • Back up your profiles.
  • Fishing protection.
  • Modify the interface using themes.
  • Ability to add new features up to add extensionsThe

Thunderbird is Mozillaalternative to other more traditional email clients.

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