Things for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

Download Free Things for Mac – Free Download (2021 latest version)

Things for Mac is award winning personal task manager that helps you achieve your goals! The application has been completely rebuilt from scratch – with timeless new design, enjoyable interactions and powerful new features.

Features and best moments

Brand new design
The brand new thing has a brand new design. Not just how it looks – but how it works and how it feels. The interactions are enjoyable. The animations are smooth. Content is more structured. The concepts are clearer.

Beautiful To-Dos
Just take a look at the key component of the application – the pending issues. You immediately get a sense of how new applications feel When you open an obligation, it smoothly turns into a clean white piece of paper, ready for your thoughts. You can add more details (tags, checklist, start date, deadline) if you want, but these fields are well-placed in the corner until you need them. There are no distractions here, just you and your thoughts.

Design is not a later thought
There are many thoughts and trials and errors that have made these new applications simple to use, while at the same time placing all the powerful features. You will notice this in every corner of the application. The new applications are not just repetitions of what they were before, but a whole new application experience.

Tonight and tonight
Once you have completed your plan in the morning, the Today list is the place for all the daily activities. Calendar events are now displayed along with your obligations, giving an outline of your schedule.

Calendar events
Decide which calendars you want to see in Things: Personal, Family, Work and more. The events are grouped at the top of the Today list. With the pending issues you follow, your whole day is ahead of you.

This afternoon
There are so many things to do that you will not get later – such as things you can only do when you get home. Add tonight, which allows you to keep these commitments separate from the rest, in their own separate list.

Schedule your week ahead with the new Upcoming list. Displays everything on your agenda for the next few days: scheduled to-dos, recurring to-dos, deadlines and calendar events.

Divide and conquer
Use headings to create categories, milestones or whatever you need – just give it a name and drag your obligations down. You immediately have a nice, clean structure for your list and the design becomes absolutely clear.

It came together
Headlines are a real productivity booster. Not only do they give you a nice visual structure, but now you can easily rearrange entire groups of responsibilities just by dragging and dropping their header. And when you’re done, file the header and all its obligations for future reference.

Some things take several steps to complete, but they do not require a complete task. For these cases you now have checklists, which help you analyze the finer details of a pending issue and describe exactly what it takes to do so.

Create To-Dos
Enter a new item exactly where you want it: drag the button to insert an obligation in the right place in the Today list, or under the correct title of a project, or add a new obligation in the correct day in Coming Soon. Everything happens so smoothly – it’s magical.

Creating headings
When you are in a project, Magic Plus has another skill: creating titles! Just drag it to the left margin and release it.

Go to Inbox
No matter what list you are on, you can send a new obligation directly to your Inbox – with one consistent move and never leave the list. Just grab the Magic Plus and drop it on the Inbox target shown on the left.

Fast indeed
To keep its promise, Quick Find must be fast. Make it so that the moment you press a key, the results are displayed immediately. And as you continue to type, search results are updated very quickly, limiting your search on the go.

Search for tags throughout the application
Do you want to find all your “Errand” or everything you need to talk to “Kate”? Quick Find covers you – detects automatically when you type a tag and lets you pull a filter for the entire application in milliseconds.

Just drag away
Jump Start popover helps you make programming decisions quickly by placing all the answers in one convenient place. With a single tap you can add pending issues to Today or This Evening, set a reminder time, schedule something for a later date, or put things on hold for a day.

Fine operation
Introducing Slim Mode! Collapse your lateral line with a two-fingered finger to cut off distractions and focus on the task at hand. This is also great when you are working in split view or if you need more screen space.

Multiple Windows
Things for macOS provide an extremely flexible macOS interface. Open multiple projects in their own window and drag the to-do between them to organize easily. Use multiple screens? No problem! You can open different lists in each one. The same with desktop spaces and split views – whatever fits your personal setting.

Note: 15 day trial version. Requires a 64-bit processor.

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