Thief Puzzle 1.2.9 for Android

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Thief Puzzle is a puzzle game that gives you a solid mission. In each puzzle, you will see an item that you need to steal. To do this, you just need to note the trajectory you want your thief’s hand to follow. Just be careful not to get caught!

The graphics in Thief Puzzle are quite simple and maintain the same look as other games from this studio. With a comic book style, you will notice every adjustment and then slide your finger across the screen to move your thief’s hand.

In some of the levels of Thief Puzzle, you have to use certain objects that you see to get the hand to reach the object that you want to steal. You need to carefully consider your moves if you want to carry out any theft without the other characters noticing what happened.

Thief Puzzle brings you dozens of puzzles where you have to try to steal a specific object without being caught. You will need to move your thief’s flexible arm to catch the goods in strange situations. That said, the game will give you a hint to help you if you happen to get stuck on any particular puzzle.


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