The game is Bugged 1.16.15 for Android

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Game is Bugged is an inert RPG with pixelated appearance where you can accompany your team of heroes in hundreds of dungeons and different adventures. Your team leader is a simple clerk who happens to be armed with a giant sword.

The gameplay in Game is Bugged is very simple. By default, your hero and his companions will move and attack automatically. That said, you can turn off auto-motion at any time by manually controlling any of the characters. You just have to use your thumb to move your heroes freely.

Although direct control of your heroes is completely optional, you have to be very careful when leveling them and make sure you equip them at the best speed. From the character menu, you can use the money you have earned to level each of your heroes. You can also unlock extra characters that will accompany you and help you during battles against the most powerful enemies.

Game is Bugged is a fun inert RPG that stands out especially for its great graphics and the huge number of heroes you can unlock and add to your team. Best of all, the game also offers a huge variety of dungeons to explore and monsters to kill.


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