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Battle for Wesnoth is a completely free project, created in 2003 by David White, to which more than 50 people have contributed over the years of continuous development and updating. This medieval themed strategy game is set in the fictional land of Wesnoth.

The game was originally based on 16-bit games such as Master of Monsters, Shining Force and Warsong. Over time, however, so many game features, units, and stories have been added that its content is now unlimited. The game requires you to move your troops in turns in a grid scenario with different land types and geographical features to overcome them using your best strategy.

Your army will consist of different types of characters, each with their own tricks and special skills. Depending on the campaign and as you go, you can raise your troops and recruit new units that you have found or rescued. But beware: all your troops will need financial support, so try to keep track of your cards. However, the rules will depend on the campaign you are playing.

Over 15 campaigns available, the game also features multi-player mode that can be played locally as well as over LAN, making Battle for Wesnoth a highly integrated, ever-evolving strategy game currently considered an icon among the free Games software .

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