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Terasology is a game inspired by Minecraft. Despite being in development for years, Terasology offers gameplay that is just as satisfying as the game in which it is formed. In fact, some of the ideas and gameplay of Minecraft first appeared in Terasology.

The Terasology game is very similar to the creative mode of Minecraft. Players can move freely in a random world where everything – from the dirt under your feet to the mountains on the horizon – is made of blocks. Which, of course, you can break and add to your stock. Once a block is in stock, you can use it to create anything and create your own world.

As with Minecraft, you can create tools and weapons in Terasology. Make flashlights in bright dark rooms, cook food to regain health and more. Although Terasology has the same block style as Minecraft, it has some unique elements that give it a much better overall look. For example, it uses stunning realistic graphics for water and sky.

With great graphics, great sounds and mountains of content, Terasology is simply a spectacular sand game. It is definitely an interesting alternative to Minecraft.


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