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Tennis Clash is an online tennis game where you play with other players in exciting and short matches. In a minute or two, you can show off your skills and find out who the best player is.

The game in Tennis Clash is very simple and perfectly adapted to the touch screens. All you have to do is slide your finger in the direction you want to hit the ball as soon as you are close to it. Depending on how fast you slide your finger, you can adjust how hard you hit the ball. You can also double-click anywhere on the court to move your player there at the same time.

Between games, you can equip new rackets and shoes to help you play better. You can also equip new trainers and partners who offer different benefits when you play. And, as a rule, you can level up with the cards you get by opening racket covers.

Tennis Clash is a highly entertaining tennis game that remains true to the sport. Even better, it has amazing graphics and gameplay that are perfect for touch screens.


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