Teleo 1.0.3 for Windows – Download

Download Free Teleo 1.0.3 for Windows – Download

Teleo is a very useful application for the blind who want to read Braille books on any Windows device. Thanks to the countless books available in the ONCE online catalog, anyone affiliated with this organization can read any of these books on their computer.

Teleo has a simple interface for finding the books you want to read. All you have to do is add each book with a .tlo extension to start reading from the application itself or a device connected to the serial port, such as Braille.

Without a doubt, Teleo is a great application that makes reading books on Braille a piece of cake. With nothing more than this app and another reader, you can start enjoying books in minutes.

Best of all, Teleo lets you scroll up and down the page, search for text, add bookmarks, or even import and export bookmarks as needed. All the features are perfectly placed on your computer screen.


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