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Telegram X is the official (yes, you read that right) client created by the original Telegram itself. here to offer users a faster and more fluid browsing experience than its predecessor. Why would the official Telegram app create its own enhanced, independent clone? Not without reason, as this latest release is based on the TDLib library that lays the groundwork for the future of Telegram.

To the naked, untrained eye, any differences between Telegram and Telegram X are unnoticed. Since Telegram X basically offers a simpler, more simplified interface for chats while adding to a new tab for making calls on its main screen. From your settings options, you will also notice that there are many new features in customizing your interface, including night mode options and the chat box.

In terms of usability, Telegram X does exactly what the original Telegram did – with some new tricks. Regardless, you will continue to send text messages, voice messages, photos, videos and large files, documents, links, GIFs, emoji, and a large list, etc., as usual.

In essence, Telegram X is a great alternative to Telegram, which is already an autonomous success of an IM application. What the “X” offers is better performance and a wider range of features. In any case, the future of Telegram is already between us and is very promising.

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