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Download Free Telegram Messenger 2.5.1 – Free PC Download

In the year 2013, WhatsApp already ruled the world … and without any problems. It was established as the most widely used instant messaging and mobile chat application in the world, increasing its distance in terms of users with all rivals and alternatives such as Skype, LINE or Kik Messenger.

However, that year Telegram appeared, a messaging app developed by Russian brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. It was first released on mobile phones and a year later as a multi-platform version, offering a model that did not face WhatsApp but was slightly different. In fact, Many of its features have been applied later by the messaging giant purchased from Facebook, as well as other similar applications.

The secure and private instant messaging and chat client

And although all such applications have now gradually incorporated more security levels into their developments, it was the the first major messenger to include encryption in its messages, allowing its users to have completely private conversations. And with Telegram Desktop, they started a native computer client that allowed us to run the program on our own without having to resort to the Web.

If there was a WhatsApp killer, it would be.

Main characteristics

Comes with one wide range of features and functions that are common to all different developments, or in the Android APK, its versions for iOS devices, such as the iPhone, its application for macOS, the online version of Telegram or even the Linux client:

  • Chat with all your contacts.
  • Groups with up to 5,000 members at a time.
  • Sync individual and group conversations across all your devices.
  • Locate users by their username without having to have them on your contact list.
  • Send documents of any type and in any format.
  • Chat encryption with 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Destroy messages thanks to the timer.
  • Store your files in the cloud with their history.
  • API available for developers.
  • Ability to chat with yourself (useful for sharing files or links for later reading).
  • Transmission channels.
  • A bots platform that can be used for all kinds of services.
  • Send emoticons and stickers.
  • Desktop alerts.

Definitely one of the instant messaging opportunities.

Which one is the best; Telegram or WhatsApp?

The truth is that WhatsApp seems to have to take a step forward, mainly because its users requested the application of functions that already existed in applications such as this. Telegram Messenger. In any case, you should know that in the world of messaging applications there is a lot of flexibility and choosing one from the other does not mean that you can not use both.

But if you want to convince you that you have to go for the application developed by the Durov brothers, here are some reasons to do so:

  • Personal messages can be corrupted.
  • Free forever and without ads or subscriptions.
  • Messages that are protected from cyber attacks.
  • There is no size limit for uploading files.

The secret Telegram conversations

This privacy feature is one of its most recognized functions. You can create private and face-to-face conversations with other users using end-to-end encryption that can only be read by the user who has the authentication key only once. It became quite controversial because ISIS members used it for communication.

Overall, the desktop client brings together all the different features we can use on other devices, but adapted to the Microsoft operating system, and in perfect sync with the rest of our gadgets.

What’s new in the latest version

  • We can pin multiple messages to any conversation, including conversations between two users.
  • We can send multiple tracks as playlist and multiple files as albums in one chat bubble.

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