TeamViewer 15.14.5 for Mac – Download

Download Free TeamViewer 15.14.5 for Mac – Download

TeamViewer is a remote control utility that allows you to perform various functions.

First of all, it allows remote management of computers when a user needs technical assistance. Once support is complete, it asks what you want to do with the user session: close it or block it.

In addition, you can also share the contents of the screen with other users. This feature is very useful when you want to host a presentation with multiple people at the same time. You can decide if you want to prefer transfer speed or image quality.

Finally, TeamViewer lets you share files online securely and quickly.

All you need to log in remotely to your computer or share your desktop is the other user’s screen name.

How to control computers remotely from your smartphone

TeamViewer is a great tool for people who serve as “technical support” for family and friends. This smooth solution allows you to have full control of the remote machines. Although the most common way to use it is to access a computer with a connection from another, it also has an official Android application that allows you to connect to remote machines from any smartphone or tablet and also control a remote device using computer. We explain how to do the whole process in either direction.

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Provide remote assistance on Android devices with TeamViewer

TeamViewer is the ultimate tool for fixing your dad’s computer when it gets into something wrong and is suddenly in the seventh cycle of hell on its toolbars. This popular remote help service lets you make connections between platforms, including interactions with Windows, Mac, and smartphone. In other words, your dad can rest easily because now you can also remotely fix his phone. Here we explain how you can connect remotely to any Android and provide technical assistance via any desktop computer.

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