Teacher Simulator 1.4.5 for Android

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Teacher Simulator is a simple game where you play a teacher in charge of a class full of students. By asking multiple questions, you will assess the knowledge of each young person, testing your own ability to correct their answers.

In Teacher Simulator, you will find all the characters displayed using 3D graphics. Throughout the game, you will come across different minigames that are all related to the academic field. For example, you need to correct exams and record their grades.

As you complete the different levels, you will receive bonuses and coins that you can use to improve your teacher’s characteristics. You have to pay close attention to each situation if you want to prove that you have what it takes to teach so many students.

Teacher Simulator offers tons of mini-games that will test your teaching skills and allow you to manage any classroom full of students. You will assess what your students know to make the most of each class and use all available resources to become the best teacher you can be.


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