TalkU 5.2.1 for Android – Download

Download Free TalkU 5.2.1 for Android – Download

TalkU is a useful application to keep in touch with your contacts without having to make phone calls. This way, you can talk as much as you want without paying a penny.

To use TalkU, all you need is an Internet connection, whether it is Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G. With this application, not only can you make free calls, but you can also send text messages without a telephone network.

Thanks to the use of special technology, the calls you make with TalkU are all in HD audio. With this VoIP system, you can call whoever you want without noticing a quality difference. That said, quality depends on the strength and speed of your Internet connection.

With TalkU, you can say goodbye to expensive phone bills. Save money by making all your calls with this app!


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